What to Do Before Hair Removal Treatment?


Removing hair with the help of a laser treatment during summer months has now become a common trend amongst public. However, before undergoing the treatment, there are numerous factors which you must keep in mind.

Some of the things which you must keep in mind before undergoing the treatment are –

Shave it

Almost 24 to 48 hours before your appointment with the specialist épilation laser vectus, make sure that you shave off the hair on that part of the skin. This helps in reducing the chances of skin burns as there are less or almost no hair beneath the skin. Do not consider waxing or plucking the hair. Waxing does not take off the hair from its roots, hence, it is not recommended.

Keep out of the sun’s reach

The harmful UV rays of the Sun can make your skin immune to the laser light which is to be used in the treatment. Hence, make sure that you are not exposed to the sunlight before you go for your treatment. If you have sunburn in any part of your skin, do not consider going for the laser operation as it would only get worse and lead to blisters on your skin.

Clean your skin

It is necessary to have a dry and clean skin before you go for the laser removal process. Make sure that you wash off all the creams and the makeup from your skin and then go for the treatment. You can use a cleanser for washing and cleaning the skin.


You must share the information about your medications with the doctor responsible for your surgery. You must tell them the type of medication you are on and they would further guide you if there are any side effects of the hair removal treatment on your health.

They would look after the compatibility of the medicines with the skin treatment. There are some drugs which might cause photosensitivity in your skin and hence this could cause serious burns on your skin during the hair removal treatment.


Hence, you must consider all these tips before you go for the laser hair removal process. This would ensure that the hair is smoothly removed from the skin and there are no complications in the surgery. It would also cater to the health of your skin in future and would not harm the hair follicles.