Choosing the Best Cosmetic and Laser Clinic


You have decided to have laser treatment for your skin or hair problem. Well! this is the easy part of decision making because the difficult part is to decide the best laser clinic Bundoora. With so many cosmetic and laser clinics around the city, choosing the best one is certainly daunting.

Whether you wish to have skin rejuvenation treatment or laser hair removal at the laser clinic, you need to choose the best clinic so that you are assured of the best quality services.

Things to Consider

There are mainly three things that you need to consider before choosing a laser clinic Bundoora for any type of cosmetic or laser treatment. These things are as follows:

Qualification and Training

You need to find a laser clinic that has trained and qualified laser treatment specialists. Many shady laser treatment clinics have inexperienced doctors and nurses offering laser treatment.

This can be a dangerous situation as they are not fully experienced in handling the laser machines and offering any treatment. To ensure that you are getting the right cosmetic laser treatment, you must check the qualification and training of the doctors and nurses working at the clinic.

They should have the Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapies) from a known university stating that they are qualified to conduct laser treatments. You must remember that qualifications in nursing, medical and beauty treatment do not suffice to provide laser treatment.

Laser Equipment Used

While checking the qualifications of the clinicians at the cosmetic and laser clinic is important; it is equally important to inspect the quality of the laser equipment used. Having a qualified laser operator is of no use if the machine that is being used at the clinic is substandard.

Many laser treatment clinics use cheap laser machines that are not up to the mark and cannot provide the type of results that you expect from them.

You must remember that different lasers are used to suit different cosmetic applications and types of skin. A clinic using a single laser for all beauty and cosmetic treatment cannot be trusted for providing the best results.

You must choose a clinic that offers you a choice between the laser and IPL being used.


Cost of the laser treatment is an essential aspect that must be checked and compared between various clinics. The laser clinic Bundoora that you choose must not charge exorbitantly for any laser treatments. You can compare the costs of the treatment between various clinics and get the best deal.

The price of the laser treatment taken depends upon the technology being used. If a clinic uses medium or low grade laser equipment, they can offer low cost treatment. However, shoddy clinics not just use low grade equipment, but they charge exorbitantly. So, you must be careful and choose a clinic that not only uses the best equipment but also charges appropriately.

Choose a laser clinic that offers honest pricing, accurate and high quality laser treatments and personalized services.