Types and treatment of acne scars


Acne scars are formed in response to body’s own repair system to the cutaneous inflammation. Depending upon size and depth, acne can be of various types, such as Atrophic acne scars (mostly shallow); Boxcar acne scars; Icepick acne scars (deep and narrow); Rolling acne scars; Valley scars; Hypertrophic scars.

Acne scars removal Singapore is done at SL Clinic using USA FDA and HAS approved fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing for most type of acne scars. In patients with stubborn acne scars, we rely upon alternative treatments such as INFINI RF, Micro-needling, TCA peels or subcission. However, Filler therapies with Restylane are most ideal for Atrophic, Ice-Pick, Boxcar, Rolling or Hypertrophic Scars.