Real reasons why you should consider going to therapy


It’s a common myth that only rich people opt for counseling. Therapy is much more than that. Mental health is often ignored, and people don’t often talk of their concerns, because they fear being judged. If you check for an Oklahoma City counseling services, you will be surprised with the number of options. It’s an indicator that mental health awareness is on the rise. Should you consider therapy? In this post, we are sharing more on when therapy is a good option. 

  • Frequent mood swings

Mood swings are okay at times, and sometimes, hormonal too. However, if you are experience frequent and unexpected mood swings, which only incline you towards negative thoughts, you should consider counseling. It could be related to an issue that you are unaware of, could be a result of unexpected emotional trauma, or often, just depression. Talk to a therapist, who can help you understand your emotions better.

  • Harmful thoughts

If you are dealing with self-harm or suicidal thoughts, you should seek counseling immediately. Truth is harmful thoughts can be counters, and studies show that suicides and similar incidents can be prevented, with just talk therapy. Just because you have harmful thoughts doesn’t always mean that something is wrong with you – it can be circumstantial. 

  • Feeling isolated/social isolation

Humans are social animals. If you have suddenly gone into the isolation mode, or have withdrawn from social life, activities that once made you happy, it’s time for therapy. Social anxiety, for the unversed, is also a real thing. When someone suddenly decides to isolate, it’s often because they don’t find pleasure in conversations, or cannot deal with their thoughts. A good counselor can help in changing the situation. 

  • You are dealing with serious mental health concerns

Did you know that millions of people in America alone deal with mental health issues in a given year? If you had signs of anxiety, depression, or dysthymia, see a therapist. There are some a few notable signs – panic attacks, feeling sad and dejected, hopelessness, feeling trapped, and low mood and energy levels.

  • Troubled relationships

If you are having mental health issues, this can impact your relationships with people around. In case you are already experiencing strained relationships, meet a therapist before things go completely downhill. Many people also seek therapy to just save a particular relationship that matters, such as marriage. 

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