When should you get a vasectomy?


Vasectomy is a safe and simple procedure to consider when you have decided not to have any more kids or you are certain about not having kids. This is a cost-effective choice of birth control that couples can think about as it costs less than the cost of female sterilization. It is also the most popular form of male birth control. It prevents the sperm from traveling to the egg. It is also said to be nearly cent percent effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. If you are planning to get this procedure done, consult an experienced urologist to help you prepare for the surgery.

Listed below are the reasons to get a vasectomy in Brooklyn, New York:

Prevent further pregnancies: Vasectomy is effective male birth control to prevent further pregnancies or unwanted pregnancies. It is a simple procedure in which there is less than a 1 percent chance of their female partner getting pregnant. There is a very low risk of accidental pregnancies when compared to birth control pills, or using protection.

Prevent your female partner from getting sterilized: Vasectomy is cost-effective and safer when compared to female sterilization procedures like tubal ligation. Such procedures can be complex with a high risk of side effects. In tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes are tied off so that the egg cannot reach the uterus to fertilize. In some cases, it can lead to ectopic pregnancies which can be life-threatening. Therefore, to avoid these complications, it is better to opt for a male vasectomy.

Avoid passing genetic disorders: If you have certain health conditions or genetic disorders in your genes, then there are chances of passing them to your child. To avoid passing on such health conditions or genetic disorders, some couples opt for vasectomy.

Reduce the burden on your female partner: You can have a vasectomy if you do not want to burden your partner with birth control measures. Some women cannot tolerate hormonal birth control and medications. Taking such pills can affect their health adversely. Therefore, to avoid stressing your female partner, it is best to go for a vasectomy.

Though vasectomy is an effective birth control method for men, it cannot stop you from getting STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Therefore, you should always use protection. Going through vasectomy is a personal decision and your physician can better educate you about it. They will review your overall health and discuss with you what to expect during the procedure. This will surely make you feel comfortable and secure. Therefore, ensure to choose the best urologist for your surgery.