Journey to fitness with a personal fitness coach



“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” The quote also applies to maintaining your physical fitness as it is not an easy task. Often, the busy days take up so much of your energy and time that the task to workout seems like a burden. Therefore, it is very easy to skip workout sessions.

However, skipping exercises is hard when you have a personal trainer keeping a watch on you and tracking your progress. This is where Fitlov comes and gives you an extra push to keep going on your fitness journey.

Find a Fitness Coach on Fitlov

The specialist on Fitlov matches you with a trainer best suited to help you achieve your goals. You get a chance to organize your workout sessions according to your time schedule and comfort. However, if you do not feel satisfied with the trainer or if there are any other unfortunate circumstances, you can change your personal trainer free of charge after a few sessions.

Fitlov app

Fitlov makes it easier for you to track your progress through its app. The app makes organizing and tracking your workouts easier. Through the app, you also get to manage your sessions according to your schedule, which allows flexibility.

Variety of workouts

Oftentimes, the workouts become monotonous and hence, it is easy to lose motivation. Another advantage of having a personal trainer is that they will understand the minute you start losing motivation and identify the cause. Since personal trainers are an expert in their field, they will be able to mix different workouts to keep the sessions enjoyable.

Workouts according to your ease

Personal trainers are not just trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals. They are also the ones you would be spending quality time during workout sessions. Therefore, it is important to choose workout locations that are comfortable for you. Personal trainers at Fitlov will arrange the workout sessions keeping your comfort in mind; it can be either at the comfort of your home, a park, or a gym.

Personal trainers with a nutritionist

Fitlov pairs personal trainers with nutritionists that ensures you achieve your fitness goals. It is common knowledge that a huge part of maintaining a physically fit physique, it is essential to pair the right foods with the right exercises.


In today’s busy world, when there are several tasks at hand waiting to be completed, completing the task of working out can be daunting. Therefore, having a personal trainer can prove to be helpful as they can motivate you by keeping the workout sessions exciting. They will also keep in mind the locations you are comfortable doing your workout sessions and, most importantly, work according to your schedule.