Stem Cells – A Treatment That Gives Hope To Millions


Stem cells have been in the news for quite some time now. The new therapy can be an answer to many prayers. There are many left hanging questions, and people are waiting to get more clear answers. Many diseases can be treated using stem cell therapy, and can your loved one also be lucky enough to get the treatment? Everything depends upon what it is.

What is a stem cell?

The stem cells are the mother of all cells, the raw materials of the body from which each cell with specialized function is generated. Under appropriate conditions, the stems divide themselves to form more cells called the daughter cells. These daughter cells turn into either new stem cells or cells with specialized functions like brain cells, blood cells, bone cells, or heart muscle cells. Only stem cells in the body can produce new cells, which is why they are so important.

Reasons why stem cells are considered so important

According to research, there is a lot of hope around stem cells, and stem cells can cure diseases and give new hope to people who have cancer and other ailments. The doctors hope that:

  • It can give you a better picture of why diseases occur
  • It can replace the diseased cell with healthy ones
  • It can be used to test new drugs without harming people

What to expect from stem cell therapy?

There is a lot of anxiety regarding stem cell therapy because people don’t know what to expect from this treatment. Here’s what you will go through when you start your stem cell treatment:

  • The first step is to have a clear picture of your injury and to make sure you will have to go through a full physical assessment with ultrasound, blood tests, X-ray, or even an MRI

  • The doctor has to be given all your medical details and medications you are taking because you will have to stop taking certain medicines like aspirin three days before the surgery
  • You need to drink 4-5 glasses of water before your surgery

What happens after your treatment?

  • Once your surgery gets over, you will feel pain, and based on your tolerance, you can resume your normal duties
  • You may feel some soreness or pain for a few days
  • Sometimes you may experience a slight fever, but if your fever spikes more than 104, then you need to go to the doctor immediately
  • The healing can be a bit slow. sometimes you may feel great, and the next you start having pain, but there is nothing to worry about as it is part of the healing process

The above article tells you about your surgery of stem cell before and after and gets you prepared for the things you need to expect.