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Preferred Men’s Medical Center provides a unique approach to managing sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalances. With customized treatment programs that are based on the unique understanding that treating these medical conditions requires an individualized assessment and treatment program for each patient.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability to have and maintain an erection strong enough to experience sexual intercourse. Having erectile dysfunction from time to time is not always a signal for concern. If erectile dysfunction has been an ongoing problem, though, it will certainly cause significant stress, impact your self-esteem and contribute to ongoing relationship difficulties. A thorough examination of your life and the activities that are part of your life is vital to determine if ED is a cause of stress or part of a broader pattern of unhealthy behaviors. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, talk with your doctor about ways to treat it and address other issues in your life. It can be an embarrassing topic, but being honest with your doctor and with yourself is very important.

Some experts believe that erectile dysfunction may be caused by one of several factors: physical stress, emotional stress, neurological problems, nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities. In fact, many men with erectile dysfunction experience their biggest problem in their 30’s. Men who experience the largest amount of stress and pressure in their lives often report problems with their erections. Erectile Dysfunction may also be caused by a neurological condition that results in neurological messages not passing through the nerve pathways as they should. If ED occurs as a result of a neurological condition it is known as neurological erectile dysfunction.

There are many psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Some of the more common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction include depression, anxiety and stress. Stress, depression and anxiety are some of the most common contributors to relationship dissatisfaction, sexual dysfunction and impotence. Men with these psychological conditions usually do not experience much distress when they have a problem with their erection.

Each patient at Preferred Men’s Medical Center receives the attention and time they deserve because all patients require the care and respect that is expected from health professionals. The offices have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools on-site and a dedicated team with a high degree of specialization.

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