How to turn a passion for care into a career


Caring for others can be incredibly rewarding as you recognize what a worthwhile difference you can make in people’s lives. Many of us learn this when we undertake a caring role in our daily lives through raising a family, looking after elderly or disabled relatives, or simply being there for a friend in their time of need. Those who discover a true passion for caring may wish to turn it into a career, gaining a high level of job satisfaction through their work.

Caring careers

Many different careers involve elements of caring. Becoming a nanny, teacher, or another childcare worker will involve caring for children while working in elderly care does the same at the other end of life. Other options include social work, therapy, or counseling. Any career in the medical profession will require a high level of caring responsibilities, with nursing becoming a true vocation for many with a passion for care.

Get qualified

A key stage for turning your passion for care into a career is to find out what qualifications you will need to enter the profession. Having identified the qualifications, you will need to undertake the requisite training. Taking the time to determine the best training options is time well spent to make sure you get the best possible training to kickstart your career. As well as checking the courses in your location, it is well worth considering online learning. This is a field that has advanced considerably in recent years, delivering courses as rigorous and challenging as any of the in-person courses available.

For those considering nursing, a good example of this can be seen in the UIndy accelerated BSN program. Designed to help those who already hold a relevant bachelor’s degree get into nursing quickly, it delivers an accredited program through 100% online coursework, residencies in a state-of-the-art nursing sim lab, and clinical placements that are local to you.

Apply for jobs

Once you have qualified, you can start applying for your first position. Generally, the caring professions are in high demand, particularly in the healthcare industry. When applying, make sure your true passion for caring shines through, as this will help you stand out among other applicants with similar qualifications.


Many caring careers offer good long-term job security, meaning you can continue in that profession for the rest of your working life. There will likely also be promotion opportunities, where you can take your passion for caring into leadership roles. For example, a nursing leader makes decisions that can improve patient care across a whole ward or even an entire hospital. For those with a true passion for care, this can be a key reason for undertaking further qualifications and seeking promotion.

Starting a caring career

Having a career that you are truly passionate about will greatly improve your quality of life. The time taken to train and apply for positions will be well worth it when you start work in a profession you find genuinely rewarding.