Different types of catheters and their impressive benefits


Today, we are going to tell you about the various types of catheters available in the market and their benefits too. Firstly, are you aware of what a catheter is? If not, let us give you some details on the same. A catheter is a partially flexible and hollow tube that helps in collecting urine from the bladder and directs it to the drainage bag. So, before buying Coloplast catheters, here are the various types available. We have also mentioned their perks below. If this is something of your interest, stay tuned to the article till the end.

What are the various types of catheters available and their benefits?

  • Indwelling catheters: A physician will enter these into an individual’s body via an operative process. These are also popularly known as Foley Catheters and are mostly used for a short time.
  • Split catheters: This catheter will be pushed into one of the major veins located in your neck area. The main purpose of inserting this type of catheter is that it helps in removing blood for dialysis. This is one preferred method that is being used in those people who are suffering from severe kidney problems.
  • External catheters: These catheters are used for external purposes. The catheters designed for men are in the shape of a condom, while women are made in the shape of a pouch. This is one of the most popular, and cost-effective catheters opted for by many people these days.

Patients are usually asked to use catheters until they can urinate on their own. But in elderly patients or those who have severe kidney issues, the duration for using catheters is much more. So, based on your condition, the doctor will prescribe it to you.

People who cannot empty their bladders are recommended to use catheters. Not emptying the bladder on time can lead to severe complications and pressure on the kidneys, and if prolonged, it can also result in the death of an individual. Catheters are mainly made of materials that include PVC plastic, silicone, or even rubber. As per your body’s requirements, your doctor will recommend the most suitable catheter for you. So, make sure you have an idea of different types of catheters so that you do not make a wrong purchase. Being informative and alert about catheters is essential, especially if you are going to use them.